We Made It! (A TRT Teaser…)


Marlette Lake, snuggled up against Lake Tahoe.

(…or should that be, “A TRTeaser”? Terrible.)

Okay, I’ve actually been home for a couple weeks, but I’ve been feeling a little recalcitrant about writing. It’s hard to sit yourself down in front of a computer when you’ve been in seemingly constant motion for several weeks.


A real hiker, with poles no less!

Our trip was both super-challenging and super-fun, as is the case with most worthwhile endeavours. I did indeed manage to hike all 170 miles of the Tahoe Rim Trail with a toddler on my back (except for the sections he walked himself!). There were moments of panic, melt-down, and utter exhaustion, but in the end we all emerged unscathed, not to mention stronger and happier than when we began.

Over the course of 16 days, we only lost two water bottles, two pairs of sunglasses, and, ahem, an entire stuff sack full of clothes (more on that later). We ate lots of cheese and chocolate, went swimming more than a few times, and encountered more mosquitoes than I thought existed on the West Coast.


Pre-trip planning.

We got hot, we got cold, we even got hailed on a couple times (thank goodness for umbrellas). We met some truly awesome people, and we never ran out of water (or diapers)! Starting Monday, I’ll be posting a day-by-day account of our thru-hike, complete with photos and maybe even a gear list, so please do check back. Happy August!


One thought on “We Made It! (A TRT Teaser…)

  1. Oh Kate, I am a silly, old gushing fan of your writing. I love you writing and your sharing. I have managed to mold myself into one of those very intense, demanding jobs that I thought I had left behind in CT. So in Brattleboro at BMH I continue to have work, meaningful work and thrive, but never make time for my nature needs. Living in Walpole may give me a chance to explore new roads, if only I would stay home once in awhile.
    Today, I am off to Randolph to walk and talk with Christopher. One of those wonderful bonding days that we give to each other once in a while. This of course is the abbreviated plan, a meal, a hug and smile with and from him does wonders for the Spirit. Thank you for your great support of his upcoming hike. The friendship you two maintain enriches my being. You are both such sweet souls. I am excited to see you in September and to meet Mr. Soren for the first time. May you enjoy (oh, I know your will) the great sharing with Stealth Baby (is he now become Stealth Boy?) that has blessed my life with the Gabe! Have a great day and I look forward to the next installment of Journies with Kate! A bit Dickensian I think. Much love,l Miss J.


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